Les Viviers de Roscoff: fish, crustaceans, sellfish in Brittany
Les Viviers de Roscoff: poissons, crustacés et coquillages du Finistère, Bretagne
Les Viviers de Roscoff


Spider crab > Spider crab
Maia squinado
The spider crab lives on the inshore seaweed covered bottoms, at depths of up to 50 meters in North Brittany. It is caught with pots and sold in weights between 500g and over 2kg.
Edible crab > Edible crab
Cancer pagurus
The edible crab evolves on rocky bottoms, along the coast at depths of up to 100 meters and is essentially caught with pots. Carrying very strong pincers that give rise to a specific market, its meat is dense and tasty. The available weights range from 400g to over 1kg.
Common lobster > Common lobster
Homarus gammarus
Blue in colour, with a pinkish white underside, this crustacean is caught with pots near the coast. The weights on the market range from 400g to over 2kg with precise grading, within 100g. The common lobster is caught and marketed all year round.
Red crayfish > Red crayfish
Palinurus vulgaris latreille
It is caught all year round in Brittany, on rocky bottoms. Distinctive sign: it carries a small yellow stain on each side of the abdominal segments. The red, or royal crayfish, is marketed in weights ranging from 400g to over 3kg, graded within 100g up to 1kg then within 200g for heavier weights.
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