Les Viviers de Roscoff: fish, crustaceans, sellfish in Brittany
Les Viviers de Roscoff: poissons, crustacés et coquillages du Finistère, Bretagne
Les Viviers de Roscoff

Quality of the Water

In Roscoff the quality of the water is exceptional. It is in fact classified as grade "A". Facing the open sea, close to the isle of Batz, the Viviers de Roscoff naturally exploit this environment. The water, particularly rich in plankton, is constantly renewed and flows through tanks, virtually recreating at the nearest the crustaceans and shellfish's biotope. The storage capacity in freshwater, spread over the same one site of 1.5 hectares, can reach 50 tons.

At the heart of the Fishing industry

This ecological environment is complemented by nearby the presence of particularly active structures of the fishing industry. At the port of Bloscon only a few hundred meters away, Roscoff's fish auction puts up for sale the freshly disembarked catch of small boats from the area. The Viviers also buy Iroise sea crustaceans and fish from the Brest auction market. Several skippers also choose to sell their fish directly to the Viviers de Roscoff, like the long-line fishermen from the tip of Finistère. Finally, the port of Bloscon, one of the main openings to trans - Channel traffic, gives increased diversity to supplies.

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