Les Viviers de Roscoff: fish, crustaceans, sellfish in Brittany
Les Viviers de Roscoff: poissons, crustacés et coquillages du Finistère, Bretagne
Les Viviers de Roscoff

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Brill > Brill
Scophtalmus rhombus
Very close to turbot from which it differs visually by its smooth skin and a more oval shape, brill evolves on the Channel and Atlantic sides of the Breton coasts. The commercial weights vary between 500g and over 4kg.

> Turbot
Psetta maxima
A bottom-dwelling fish, the turbot has a flat body shaped like a lozenge. Its meat, low in fat, less than 3% in wild specimens, is very tasty. Turbot is fished on the Breton coasts with bottom trawls or nets. It is sold in weights ranging from 1 kg to over 8kg.

Pollack > Pollack
Pollachius pollachius
Inshore, round fish, with fine and delicate meat, rich in protein, pollack is fished with trawls, nets or lines. It is sold whole, in weights of less than 1kg, 1 to 2kg or 2 to 4 kg, filleted or sliced.
Monkfish > Monkfish
Lophius piscatorius
It is essentially the tail, the main edible part of the monkfish or goosefish which is commercialized. Weights vary between 500g to over 8kg. The liver and cheeks are also valued as food. A fish with white meat, firm dense and boneless, monkfish is caught with gillnets and bottom trawls.
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