Les Viviers de Roscoff: fish, crustaceans, sellfish in Brittany
Les Viviers de Roscoff: poissons, crustacés et coquillages du Finistère, Bretagne
Les Viviers de Roscoff

The products

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> Winkles, dog cockles, striped Venus clams, carpet shell clams, scallops…

All year round, the Viviers de Roscoff sell a range of shellfish among the most popular on the market. Packaging is adapted to requirements, from retail to wholesale.

In high season, our fisheries also buy scallops from local fishermen from the bay of Morlaix or from the Brest harbour area. These are two particularly tasty products, unique on the market. The scallops are de-gritted in tanks before they are marketed in tubs of 6 or 12kg. The striped Venus clam from Brest is another seasonal specialty of the Viviers. This shellfish is particularly sought after near the end of year. Eaten as a single dish, it also accompanies perfectly seafood platters.

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