Les Viviers de Roscoff: fish, crustaceans, sellfish in Brittany
Les Viviers de Roscoff: poissons, crustacés et coquillages du Finistère, Bretagne
Les Viviers de Roscoff

Rigour and Experience

By giving to the Viviers de Roscoff the Economic Hope award, the "Entreprise France" operation pays tribute to a particularly successful take over. In 1995, the Viviers de Roscoff, an age-old company at the tip of Brittany, was bought up by its employees. Their attachment to their work set-up on the site of Sainte-Barbe, already occupied by an activity of the same kind under Napoléon III, their rigour and experience, enable them to satisfy continuously the most varied requests. The high quality standard required by the Viviers de Roscoff is regularly praised throughout the fishing industry, not only by the wholesale or retail market operators, but also by restaurants, Super and Hypermarkets and by the canteen catering industry.

Optimum processing of Fish

The fully EC approved factory at the Viviers de Roscoff provides the best possible working conditions for the preparing of crabs, spiders crabs, lobsters and crayfish... Furthermore, a dedicated workshop offers optimum conditions for fish processing, whole, filleted or sliced, with modes of calibration meeting the most specific requests. Finally, the connections with the main regional, national and international logistic platforms allow the Viviers de Roscoff to transport their products within optimal time limits and with optimal standards of freshness.
In Roscoff you are always closer to Your Fresh Catch.

Partenaire de Bretagne du Léon
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